20 Yard Heavy Duty Dumpster

20 Yard Heavy Duty Dumpster


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Size: 22Lx7Wx4H

Days: Unlimited ($3 Daily)

Ton(s): 3 included

Extra Weight: $80/ton


20 Yard Heavy Duty Dumpster Rental at ATA Rental Services

ATA Rental Services introduces the 20 Yard Heavy Duty Dumpster, a robust and resilient solution for your more demanding waste management needs. Priced at $490.00, this heavy-duty dumpster is designed to handle tougher and heavier materials with ease. Its dimensions of 22L x 7W x 4H make it an ideal choice for projects that generate substantial waste but require a dumpster that can withstand heavier loads.

Typical Uses

The 20 Yard Heavy Duty Dumpster is particularly suited for:

  • Construction sites where heavy materials like small amounts of concrete, bricks, or heavy debris are involved.
  • Large-scale home renovation projects, especially those that involve structural changes or substantial material removal.
  • Commercial cleanouts or renovations where heavier items such as old machinery, metal fixtures, or dense materials need disposal.
  • Landscaping projects that involve soil, small rocks, or dense garden waste.
  • Roofing projects that require the disposal of heavy shingles or roofing materials.

General Prohibited Items

While this heavy-duty dumpster is designed for tougher materials, certain restrictions still apply to ensure safety and environmental compliance. Prohibited items typically include hazardous materials, toxic substances, and extremely heavy materials like large amounts of concrete or large boulders.

Rental Terms and Additional Information

  • The rental period for the 20 Yard Heavy Duty Dumpster is unlimited, with a daily fee of $5.
  • The base rental includes disposal of up to 2.5 tons of material, with an additional charge of $60 per ton for extra weight.

Ideal Customer Profiles

This heavy-duty dumpster is an excellent choice for:

  • Contractors and builders handling medium to large construction projects.
  • Homeowners undertaking significant renovation projects that involve structural changes.
  • Landscaping professionals or individuals working on large garden renovations or hardscaping projects.
  • Businesses undergoing major renovations or disposing of heavy, outdated equipment.
  • Roofing companies looking for a reliable solution for disposing of heavy roofing materials.

Conclusion The 20 Yard Heavy Duty Dumpster from ATA Rental Services is your go-to choice for projects that demand a bit more toughness and durability. Whether you're dealing with a heavy-duty construction project, a significant home renovation, or a commercial cleanout, this dumpster provides the strength and capacity you need. If you require a larger dumpster, such as our 30-yard dumpster, or our standard 20-yard roll-off dumpsters for smaller items, we have those too! Contact ATA Rental Services today to book your 20 Yard Heavy Duty Dumpster and ensure your project proceeds smoothly with the right waste management solution.

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